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Ryan Adams

I was going to only update this blog with new work, but seeing as I never blogged about any of my previous work... Here you go!

Way back in August 2011 I was asked by DIY magazine ( to shoot Ryan Adams at Soho House.


On the morning of the shoot I remember being slightly nervous as this was one of my first big shoots, and I was hoping that Ryan was having a good day. I wanted the shoot to go smoothly, and I had packed all my kit the night before, checked it was all there, and then checked again.

My nerves weren't helped when I realised that I had somehow forgotten one of the crucial bits of lighting gear I needed for the shoot - the softbox. So much for double checking... 10 minutes before the shoot was due to start I was running around Soho desperately trying to find a new one. Fortunately, there was a camera shop nearby so I managed to get a new one and run back in time to meet Emma Swann from DIY and finish setting up.

Ryan walked into the room, and I was very happy that he seemed to be in a good mood. We shot a few different setups in the very small room that we were given, and I vaguely remember us chatting about old cameras. Ten minutes later the shoot was done, we said our goodbyes and left. Job done!

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